Puppy Board and Train

Cindy offers a special service for puppies where she will keep the puppy for 2-4 weeks and lay down the fundamentals required for a good dog!

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Cindy will keep your puppy or dog overnight in her home.  This will include keeping Vet appointments and grooming visits.  Cindy will work with the puppy or dog to keep up and maintain the training the dog already has in place.

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Private Training

Sometimes, when you get a puppy or new rescue dog or need a problem solved on your older pet, you need someone with special expertise to help guide and show you how you can train your dog.  Cindy offer's private training lessons in your home or virtually!  This is fully customizable based on your specific needs.

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Perfect Puppy to Perfect Pet

Everyone who gets a new puppy thinks it is perfect, until it gets comfortable and starts exploring and getting into mischief!   The barking,  the chewing,  the pulling on leash and the accidents in the house!    Dogs that go untrained are more likely to end up being given up for adoption.

Cindy's passion is training puppies and their families, so they will end up being the Perfect Puppy and remain a Perfect Pet!   Let Cindy customize a package that suites you, your families and Perfect Puppies needs!

Cindy offers boarding,  Private Training, and consultations.


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