Puppy Board and Train

Cindy offers a special service for puppies where she will keep the puppy for 2-4 weeks and lay down the fundamentals required for a good dog!  Such as starting house training schedule, crate training, sit, stay, down, tricks, foundation for walk on leash.  This would include personal instruction for owners and family members of the puppy to ensure continuity of the training would be continued at home.    If you are very busy or worried about being consistent and having the follow-through to train your new puppy effectively, this would be a good option for you!!


Cindy will keep your puppy or dog overnight in her home.  Cindy will take the dogs to work with her and will include daycare at All Dog Adventures.  This will include keeping Vet appointments and grooming visits.  Cindy will work with the puppy or dog to keep up and maintain the training the dog already has in place.

Private Training Sessions

Sometimes, when you get a puppy or new rescue dog or need a problem solved on your older pet, you need someone with special expertise to help guide and show you how you can train your dog.  Cindy offer's private training lessons in your home or virtually!  This is fully customizable based on your specific needs.



Cindy offers consultation BEFORE you get a new dog.  Topics include how to set up your home for your new dog, what questions to ask a breeder or rescue organization during your search for a new pup.


Cindy has 40 years of experience in everything related to dogs.  Cindy has traveled across the country for agility and obedience trials and met many different experts across the country and locally in certified dog behaviorist, breeders, conditioning experts and alternative medicine.   Let Cindy help you find the right expert to help you with your dog needs. .

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Next Steps...

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